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Poor customer support

Has anyone else gotten the run around when trying to change monitoring plans?  It took me over a half hour on the phone to change from the $14.99/month plan to the $9.99/month plan.   I am to have unlimited cameras record.  Well, now only one out of 3 of my cameras will record.  I dread having to call back and explain ALL OVER again.  The website is not user friendly and customer service just pushes their most expensive plan when you have to break down and call them.

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Hi wellerbean,

For security reasons, we always require customers to call in to verbally confirm their Safe Word passcode whenever an action would negatively impact your level of security - for example when downgrading or suspending your Monitoring Service. Admittedly yes, our Retentions team will try to convince you of the benefits of our higher service levels

But it does sound like you're having a different issue - less about the service plan and more about hardware. You might just want to try resetting those two cameras, and making sure that they're associated with your service location. Here's how:
  1. For the SimpliCam, press and hold the top button for 16 seconds, then release. For the Video Doorbell Pro, unmount the camera, and look for the reset button on the back, next to the USB service port.
  2. Release the button, and the camera will reboot into the original Setup Mode, with a blinking white light.
  3. Head over to the SimpliSafe app, and from the Menu, select Set up a camera
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. The first question should ask if you're installing as part of an existing property, or at a new location. Select Yes, then continue with the rest of the setup process.

Once the setup is complete, you can test the camera by heading over to the Cameras section of the app.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security