Mon, Aug 10, 2020 1:30 PM

Really disappointed in the customer service and response after switching to Verizon

We have had a Simpli Safe system since June of 2017. Generally we have been happy with the system but have always had an issue with customer support. if you try to call after 5PM or on the weekend you will not get anyone to answer.

In May of this year they changed from T-Mobile to Verizon service. For about 5-6 weeks this worked, but now the base station cannot connect to Verizon. Verizon seems to not have 4G in our area now.

Over the past month we have tried 3 different base stations at the insistence of tech support. None of them work of course

Today i called again and was told that there is a new system that will work with Wi-Fi, and they will generously give me 40% off to purchase it. SO, Simpli Safe upgrades their cell phone service to a provider that doesn't work in my area, and I have to now buy a new system?

I asked to speak to a manager and was told they are all busy. I said i wanted a refund of my purchase price then and was told I can send the system back but there would be no assurance of a refund!

After this experience I cannot recommend Simpli Safe at all.



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Il y a 2 y

Just a question, did SS actually activate any of the 3 SIMS in the base stations they sent you?  This is often a problem with not being able to connect after getting a new SIM card or new base station, someone at SS keeps forgetting to activate the SIMS.

It doesn't make much sense that your system worked for up to 6 weeks after the first module replacement (from tmobile to verizon), and then suddenly didn't.   Even if verizon in your area has/had not updated to 4G yet, your previous module should still have worked, maybe something else was going on (unless you simply cannot get decent verizon service in your area, if rural, etc).  I'm not saying you're wrong, not at all, just wondering if something else is going on.

SS will not refund you your system's purchase price from 2017 - they are pretty strict about their 60-day return policy and even if they did refund someone, it would generally only be under extraordinary circumstances.  The 40% offer on a new SS3 is not a bad deal (it's not great, given your circumstances, but better than nothing),  but if your issue actually is the 4G module, I'm afraid that their new systems most likely also come pre-loaded with the 4G compatible verizon module (SIM).

You can try going to SS' facebook page, and messaging them to request a senior supervisor get in touch with you at a time most convenient for you.  Whomever responds on facebook isn't going to be able to answer troubleshooting questions, but they can definitely get a supervisor to get in touch with you.  I'd suggest making sure that when they do, go through the troubleshooting they ask you to do to make sure something else isn't going on.