Tue, Aug 25, 2020 9:08 AM

recording length, recording delete, better night vision, auto system status refresh, small USB UPS for cams

Please add a delete button / seems very strange that here isn't one. It's not about storage, more about privacy. Also, why is there an arbitrary 1min limit on the length of a recording? What if something serious was going on and you really needed a longer recording? I have both a Nest Secure system at home, and a Simplisafe system at work. I've got to say the Nest system is better because of little annoying things like this. With Nest, you can export recordings of any length. I'll reflect that constructively in reviews so hopefully these little annoying bugs get ironed out. Other things that they could improve on easily are: automatic refresh of system status on the dashboard like the Nest system does, an outdoor camera product is a must - I actually had to install a Nest outdoor camera on my work warehouse even though i have a Simplisafe security system! I am installing more Nest cams this week too. Also, add to your product line a small wall plug style USB UPS with a couple of hours of run time for the indoor cameras. Thanks!



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