Tue, Jun 23, 2020 5:10 PM

Returned System

In November I purchased a system for my sister, who had just purchased a new home.  Before I even received the Simplysafe package, she had a system installed, herself.  So, when the package arrived, I contacted Simplysafe.  A representative sent me a return label, and the package was sent back, unopened.  

I have been trying for 6 months to get a refund for the shipment I returned to Simplysafe, to no avail.  I have made umpteen phone calls, sent emails, even Tweeted about it.  The order number is 10721116.


Many thanks!



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2 y ago

@cheri22smith you need to go "Jersey" on them. (As in New Jersey).

1. Call SS
2. Provide info above; agent can't help say you will hold for supervisor. Supervisor can't help, manager, manager can't help....
3. If disconnected, call again, same script
4. Attempt 3rd time, and if fails, 3 strikes and their out
5. Dispute charge on card. Note to keep a record of the dates and times you called, and your email.

Please post your outcome here.  SS is normally very fair on this.

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2 y ago

Also go on over to the Better Business Bureau website and file a complaint.  SS takes their BBB A+ rating very seriously.  Read some of the posts over there.  They will respond to them and make it right.

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2 y ago

Better Business Bureau website has good resource to assist customers.