Thu, Sep 10, 2020 9:53 PM

Shipping Department Keeps Picking the Wrong Model Camera from warehouse

4 times, when requested with 4 seperate customer service reps (even with their supervisors entering the order), Simplisafe continues to practice shipping incorrect product out to me with the slip saying it otherwise. Rep entered order for SSCM2 cameras (1080p) and then shipping department decides to change it to SSCM1 without authorization when the product is picked from their "Braintree, MA" warehouse. What's even appalling is the first rep said they are now only shipping out SSCM2 camera and after several calls, my final discussion with a supervisor, he said internally they are not shipping out SSCM2 at all until all SSCM1 are gone. To me this is just really ridiculous. And they even kept the shipping slip to say SSCM2 when I literally can read each individual camera boxes that say model SSCM1. From what I understand, they are advertising on their support page that their cameras does support 1080p but they don't want to ship out 1080p cameras until they have bleed their inventory of 720p. To me that is false advertisement (bait/switch) regardless where it published on their website. I even recorded a video of the unboxing of the package and show exactly what I saw in the box. I'm not making this up and as a long time customer over 6 years, this is the first I've ever experience something this unethical. What really irritated a loyal customer is the fact that the supervisor did not "feel" that he will write exactly what I want his manager to see when I said I was going to put in complaints to BBB/FTC etc. That to me does not make any sense. Regardless of feeling, he should just send my message with quotes from me directly to his manager. Anyways, at the end of the day, let's see if management will take me serious.
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