Fri, Jan 15, 2021 11:29 PM

SimpliSafe Has Been Down for An Supposedly Due To an Update: Why?

Hello All,

Although, it is an understandable, yet unwelcome surprise for SimpliSafe to be updating their entire interface or system, it is a bit concerning when they do not notify there customers of an update that will take longer than 15-30 minutes to complete. SimpliSafe application and online login has been down for over an hour now and all any of the customer service representatives will respond with is it will be up again shortly which at this point is not very reassuring. I have already had a few issues over the last few months with the app login system malfunctioning and potential breach of information such as passwords and safe words which is obviously a bit disconcerting and serious. I hope the update is completed soon and that these issues will cease once it is done.



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2 y ago

@Porshana SS was having server issues but they are back up now. If you are still having issues, call support.