Fri, Feb 12, 2021 7:17 PM

SimpliSafe is down

Both Android and iOS apps say SimpliSafe is down. Which means no central monitoring and no real security. And turns out I'm not alone and this isn't an outlier.

https : / / downdetector . com/status/simplisafe/

Security can't be transient. It gets better. When going to live chat support I got 403. Request blocked. Good thing I'm here to personally monitor my property right now.

P.s. link obfuscated cause otherwise simplisafe tags feedback from a paying customer as spam.

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We have not had any reports of any outage today. We want to reassure you that all systems are currently fully online - including Monitoring Service.

We suspect that the issue might be with your network. Are you on WiFi, which both your Android or iOS devices are connecting through? And are you seeing a specific message on the app that might help point towards an issue?

If you're seeing a "No Connection" warning, we are aware and are investigating an issue with the app where it might display that message incorrectly. You just want to log out and log back in, and you should have access again.

- Johnny M.
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