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Simplisafe Outdoor Camera

Will Simplisafe be offering an outdoor camera w/ solar power + battery ( similar to the Ring camera ) anytime soon ?

We, as I'd assume most customers, would prefer not to subscribe to two different home security monitoring systems.
Outdoor cameras seems to be a key component missing from the Simplisafe product line.

BTW - our last Ring doorbell malfunctioned & burnt up in the middle of the night.  Short-circuit caused our doorbell transformer to chime, then hum constant @ 3:00am.  Had to disconnect 7 remove it.
This was our 2nd Ring doorbell that quit working after 2 years of operation. We're not buying a 3rd one !!

Thx - R.Miller

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2 y ago

Hi @ranjan1938,

While it has been some time since we've released news about it, we are indeed still working on a dedicated Outdoor Camera. We can't say much more, not even about features or release date. But soon!

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2 y ago

I'd love to learn more about it and interested once an outdoor camera is ready for purchase.  I'm shopping now for something that I know would integrate with SimpliSafe.  Anyone have any outdoor cams that do work now with SimpliSafe or are you subscribing to more than one service?



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2 y ago

There is no camera (except SS) which integrates with SS.  And that is ok, since there is no benefit to an outdoor camera system integrating with a perimeter/interior security system.  They are completely different philosophies.

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2 y ago

Floodlight with Camera...     It would great if SimpiSafe would offer a floodlight with security camera like Ring. It would also be great if it is solar powered. The SimpliSafe concept and service has been great but some key products are missing and needed as soon as possible.