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Site Pricing Is Dishonest - Not Honored

When I purchased my system 2 months ago, the website accepted a coupon and let me complete the transaction for roughly $500. Over $800 was charged to my credit card and I had to call to get it fixed ... which it was. I just attempted to purchase additional items for my system and the website accepted a coupon. I completed the transaction for $132 and was subsequently charged $188 on my credit card. Needless to say, do not trust the site and always double check your credit card. If you think you are getting a deal, you may not be. Customer support would not honor the price I received on their site and I ended up having to cancel the order. Remember ... this is a company you are trusting to protect you. If they are unable/unwilling to fix their site and will not honor sale prices given by it ... just something to consider. They also don't give access to managers so there is no opportunity for escalation.

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We saw your other thread as well. We sincerely apologize. We might have already taken care of this for you, but we'll have someone reach out just in case.

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Thanks for the heads up.  When I ordered my system, it was on the 50% off black Friday sale and my card got charged for the full amount.  I had to call them and get it sorted and as far as I know, it did.  I have ordered more components twice since then, using the SAVETHIRTY coupon.  The invoices were both correct.  I guess I'd better check my credit card statements to make sure that I didn't get over charged.