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Wed, Mar 17, 2021 7:09 PM

SS: How about Support Chat in the Forums?

@Team S,  you have been doing a great job providing coverage in the forums seven days a week! This would have been unheard of even just six months ago. Keep it up.

To further make the forums effective (and yes, you said you are working on a new updated one) could you please bring back online support chat and make it available not only in the help center but here in the forums?  It would be incredibly helpful to customers and (here's the you'fer for Simplisafe) potential customers can ask questions too and you may make a lot of new sales :-)

Win / win!

Feel free to pass on to Mr. Woodard!

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Il y a 1 a

Hi @Captain11,

Thanks a lot for all of your support! The help that you and the other regulars here on the forums have provided over the years has really helped the SimpliSafe community as a whole. The idea to include Support Chat in the forums seems to make a lot of sense since it would be included in the two areas of our website that people would be visiting for help and information about our products. If we do bring back the Support Chat, we'll make sure to look into adding it to the forums as well.

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