Sun, Feb 14, 2021 11:57 PM

Stupid Programming

I nominate Simplisafe for the stupid design awards. They boast integration with Alexa, but I have to recite an essay to get it to arm the system. In addition, there is no way to disarm the system through Alexa. There are simple solutions to both of these design flaws. I just found out I can't use my fob to unlock my door...  Simplisafe needs to fire whatever 5 year old in charge of their programming. Anyone recommend a better alarm company?



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@daveh_texas  Simplisafe is keenly aware of how their integration is designed and works exactly the way they want it: arm only.

They have responded before that due to insecurities with Alexa, the integration is one way only.  Hey, I want to be able to turn on a group of lights if an alarm condition occurs but to date SS is unwilling to do it. That said, a customer of almost 9 years across two generations of product, I am with them for the long haul.



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Just because it does not agree with your desires does not make it "stupid".

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Basic fundamental failures which have nothing to do with my desires. Shouldn't have to go through all the rigamaroll to arm the system using Alexa. In addition, the Simplisafe lock should unlock with the Simplisafe keyfob (instead of the app or keypad). Unlike the previous responder who would like all the lights to turn on during an alarm event (great idea), these should be simple fixes.