Thu, Nov 25, 2021 1:13 PM

Suggestion: Allow App to Show & Monitor ALL Devices


Really impressed with how easy it was to add devices to the system but was really disappointed that these do not show in the App, Only Cameras.

It would be a really useful addition to be able to see what units are installed and what status they are in, i.e. if there is a fault with one or a low battery, etc so we can check if the system is functioning correctly. There does not appear a way to do this easily and the fact that the motion sensors do not have a flashing light to indicate movement also means we have no real idea if they are working or not so being able to easily check and report on it whether home or away would be a massive relief & give us better peace of mind.

I have Hive for my heating and lighting and it shows every thermostat & bulb and it's current status so can SimpliSafe do the same?





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Il y a 9 m

@P Deane are you on a monitoring plan? If so,  you should be able to see all of your sensors with status.  Also, if you pull down on the home screen, the app will poll the base station and report back if any sensor has an issue; you can then drill down and get more specific information (open, not responding, low battery etc.  If I read your post incorrectly, my apologies.

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Il y a 7 m

Another suggestion... quit your shameful policy of requiring a plan....when your customer simply wants to interface to Amazon

No other "smart" devices utilize this despicable policy

Are you really hurting that BAD for MONEY ???