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Tue, Sep 28, 2021 4:27 AM

Suggestion For Camera Functionality Within Mobile App

Since purchasing a 3rd party security camera to tinker with I've come to realize just how lacking ("too" simple!) the functionality is in the mobile app for cameras. I would love to see all of the functionality below eventually added in:

- Ability to toggle timestamps in the video feed (I honestly can't believe this isn't already there as it makes life more difficult if you need to forward clips to law enforcement for example)
- Ability to toggle the SimpliSafe logo on or off
- A button to take a snapshot of the video feed within the app so we don't have to screenshot the entire phone display
- Ability to rotate image if we want or need to mount a camera upside down
- Playback speed options so we don't have to watch at 1x speed (more useful than the 10 second skip, imo, but why not give us both?)

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Thanks for the suggestions, Worthing.

I'll send 'em up.

- Johnny M.
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