Thu, Dec 10, 2020 6:26 PM

Suggestion: Freezer Alarms

Hi SimpliSafe,

Please consider adding freezer alarms to your device offerings.  I have a chest freezer full of meat and last summer I lost hundreds of dollars of meat due to a tripped breaker servicing the freezer and I didn't discover it until days later.  I currently have cheap digital alarm attached to it but it would be great if I could have a device connected to the SimpliSafe system to notify me if the freezer goes above a set temperature.  I imagine this would be popular as many people have an extra freezer/fridge that they don't necessarily check daily.




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2 y ago

The SS3 temperature sensors have both an upper alarm point and lower alarm point.  Unfortunately, it does not work as a freezer alarm, as (at least my) freezers dip below 0 now and again, and that is the lowest you can set the lower value to and so there are a lot of false triggers..

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1 y ago

I think that is an EXCELLENT suggestion. I have thought of this too. It would be very useful for people living in a home and people with additional properties, like vacation homes.  

This would also be an invaluable quality-adding device that would certainly attract subscribers and keep existing subscribers.