Thu, Nov 11, 2021 11:53 PM

Suggestion - Key fob not disable alarm after entry sensor trigger

Hey SimpliSafe community,

As the title says, I think a great feature would be an option in the SimpliSafe app to disable the key fob's ability to turn the alarm off after an entry sensor has been tripped. I think it would be beneficial to leave this as an option rather than a requirement.

A scenario I find myself in is I'd like to leave my keys on a hook near the door for convenience sake. However if a break-in occurs and the keys with the key fob are right there. Pressing the off button disables the alarm as I tested tonight in my home. It'd be nice to disable the key fob's ability to turn the alarm off if an entry sensor was triggered. Then it comes down to what you know versus what you have requiring the person to know the pin to disable the alarm.

I'd like to hear the communities thoughts/opinions on this and if you have suggestions for how you solved this, let me know.


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8 m ago

I came here to express this very concern. If a bad guy knows you have a SimpliSafe system, then they would know that if they break-in, they have 30 seconds to head straight for where people like to hang their keys, find the key fob, and disable the alarm. If they can't find the key fob, then they make a quick getaway.

I would like to disable that feature - it doesn't make sense to me that you can disable the alarm once the delay is triggered, by just pressing the button without the pin.