Fri, Jan 3, 2020 12:19 AM

Suggestion -search function in forum, link from home page

Have a search function on the Forum home page....
And while I'm thinking about it, why not add a link to the forums on all your webpages,
I did a search for "forums' on the main page and it comes back with nothing found!



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3 y ago

@ paul737 for some reason SS now only allows you direct access through the help page.

As far as a search function, suggestion you use a Google site search.

For example, SS3 motion sensors and pets, go to google home page, type

site: www.simplisafe.com/forum SS3 motion sensor pet

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3 y ago

I think it is intentional that this forum is hard to find and there is no obvious link to it on SS pages.  I initially had to google "issues with SS" to find any info since phone hold times are outrageously long.