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Suggestion: Tell me which opening is the unsecured one

I just set my alarm to home mode for the evening. It activated but told me that one of my sensors was open (I can't remember the exact words). Since all of my sensors have a specific name, it would be much more helpful if I was also notified which specific sensor was not secured. Then I wouldn't have to walk all over the house trying to figure out which one needed closing. Thanks for letting us make suggestions to make SimpliSafe even better! Barb



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You could go into the app and look at the sensor status to find out which sensor is open (or thinks it is open).  Not as easy as you would want, but better than walking all around the property, especially since the sensor which thinks it is open is not always obvious.

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Hi @barb.krienke,

In addition to what @sevensiamesecats mentioned, you can also check to see which Entry Sensors are open directly on the Keypad. Whenever an Entry Sensor is open, you should see a ‚ö† Warning Icon on the right side of the Keypad screen. Clicking on the right side of the screen will take you into the notification center where you can then see any notifications regarding which sensors may be open. That being said, we'll pass along your suggestion to have that built into the audible warning as well.

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An audible warning of an open sensor would be great!