Wed, Feb 26, 2020 4:32 PM

System Test Without WIFi is not working

Wanted to confirm that my system would function without the WiFi connection. Was VERY surprised to find out it would not work or call dispatch without the WiFi connection being up.
Called support and found out there is a problem with the T-mobile cell function and they are going to overnight a new cell phone board that uses Verizon.

I have multiple systems installed, have pushed there service to a lot of people and was not happy to find out if the power went out and my WiFi was down I had no security system. This information and hardware update should have been taken care from there end when it was first noted.

The customer support rep did a good job getting things shipped, this is not his issue, it is a company problem.

The real issue is paying for a service that you put full faith in and then find out it's not taking care of your family and property.

Please tell "Dave' I'm not happy about this.



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Weird, you're among several now who have stated that support has told them they are no longer using t-mobile's cellular module (they never made any sort of announcement of this).

Btw, they won't answer on the forums - maybe call them, ask for a supervisor and state your dissatisfaction (might also ask them what's up with not supporting the tmobile module).

And, "Dave" is a fictional character :)

Let us know if they actually shipped your verizon module overnight.  Most of the time, they don't do overnight shipping, requesting them to do so is like pulling teeth.