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Terrible customer service

I received an email from Simplisafe on 7/14/2020 stating that I needed a new cell module for my base station. I placed the order for a new module on 7/17/2020. After waiting a few weeks and no cell module, I called Simplisafe customer service. The employee told me the order was placed, but the product never shipped. So, they told me they would overnight the module and I would have it in 1-2 days. The module arrived a week and a half later on 8/16/2020, 30 days after the order was placed. After installing my new module, the base station still did not function correctly. I called Simplisafe and the employee walked me thru the steps of resetting the station. Still, my station did not work. So, I called Simplisafe again on 9/3/2020 and the employee told me they needed to replace the base station. The employee again told me it would be shipped overnight and I would receive in 1-2 days, maybe 3 with the holiday. I waited 4 days and no base station. I call Simplisafe again and the employee tells me the station is showing that it's sitting at Fedex but don't know where and couldn't give me any more information and wouldn't ship another new station either. So, all I could do was wait. The station finally arrived on 9/15, 12 days after my order was placed.

There seems to be a big issue with the supply chain and a disconnect between the information that customer service is giving and the actual status of shipments. To top it all off, the last employee I spoke with told me they would credit me for the month of September. However, they still charged my credit card for the month and gave no credit.

I'm very disappointed with the customer service I received and the lack of accurate information given to me.

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Hi @nickrupel93,

I'm sorry about the issues you've had with your base station recently. I've set up an appointment to have one of our Specialists reach out to you by the end of the day tomorrow to go over your concerns.

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