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The worst technical support and the worst customer support I have ever seem.

SimpliSafe is not only the worst home security company with whom I have dealt, they are the worst company with the poorest technical and customer support of any company I have encountered in the last 50 years.

The SimpliSafe System I Purchased Did Not Work Well
I purchased a SimpliSafe home security system in 2018 based on their advertisements.  For about a year the system worked well.  Last year, I began to get periodic error messages generated by the smoke detector.  After about a half dozen calls to their technical support line and long waits for someone to come on the phone, the problem was solved - only to reoccur weeks later. The system continued to malfunction throughout last summer.

The False Fire Alarm
In 2019, the smoke detector generated a false fire alarm while my wife and I were out.  When we returned home, there were three fire trucks outside and two police officers in my front hall.  They checked the system and concluded that it had malfunctioned.  Therefore, I disconnected the fire alarm.  Disgusted with the SimpliSafe system, I cancelled the monitoring and signed up with ADT.  
The ADT system has been flawless.

SimpliSafe Promises a Refund
I wrote to SimpliSafe on September 15 and received a phone call promising a partial refund, which was acceptable.  In an October 22, 2020 email sent by Ayanna Moore, representing herself to be a Customer Support representative, I was told how to return the system, print the shipping label and told a check would be mailed to me in 3 to 4 weeks.  Relying on this promise, I returned the system.
SimpliSafe Lied About Paying a Refund
When the refund did not come, after a month of waiting, I began to contact them.  In the last three days, I received emails from a half a dozen customer representatives, all named "Dave,' many requesting the same information that I had sent in previous emails.

The first email came from "Dave' but was signed by "Amy' on November 22 at 2:55 PM asking for my order number. On Monday, November 23, at 6:34 AM, I responded and sent Amy the order number and, at 6:35 AM, I sent her the letter I had written that elicited SimpliSafe's promise of a refund.  Amy did not respond, but Jeovanni did, at 8:41 AM.  He asked again for the order number which I had sent two hours earlier. One minute later, Savannah emailed me and asked that I call.  I did so, but the line went dead before I was switched to customer support.  Next, I emailed Savannah and asked if it would help if I sent a copy of my order as that had the order number on it. Savannah did not respond, but Grant did.  At 9:04 AM, Grant asked for the serial number on the bottom of the base station (which I had returned a month earlier) or for my email address.  I responded at 10:20 AM and explained that the base station had been returned a month ago, so I did not have the serial number.  I sent him the order number again, my phone number, my wife's phone number, and my wife's email address since the account was opened by her.  
At 10:29 AM, I heard from Parin who acknowledged my frustration but asked for my order number and email again.  I responded at 10:35 AM with the order number again.  Next Noemi emailed me to report that she did not see the items marked as returned and asked that I call.  I called and spoke to Andrea, who told me that they could not find the returned items and that the mailing label that Ayanna had sent me was not on their system.  Andrea promised to call back the next day:  She did not.  
When I did not hear from Andrea, I re-sent the order number to the elusive "Dave.'  At 12:35 AM Cassie emailed and asked that I call.  I was frustrated at this point and decided not to call.  Three hours later SimpliSafe sent me a shipping label, presumably to ship back the equipment I had returned a month earlier.  I responded that I did not need a shipping label.
The next day, November 24, things got really out of hand. At 9:56 AM, Glen emailed me and told me that once they located the equipment, they would update my account. At 10:24, Aaron T. emailed and asked for my order number (yet again) and acknowledged my frustration at having waited for my refund. At 2:51 PM, someone named September emailed me and acknowledged that they had in fact located the equipment I sent back last month, but now it was too late to pay a refund.  Apparently the lady who promised a refund on the telephone, Ayanna and Glen had all mislead me which had caused me to return the system to them. September assured me, however, that SimpliSafe looked forward to protecting my home and valued my business.  

I am continuing to contract with ADT.  Their service has been flawless and their price is approximately the same as SimpliSafe.



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2 y ago

Unfortunately, this is nothing new, and really frustrating that SS has not gotten their crap together regarding timely refunds.  Too many people have waited weeks and months on end for SS to acknowledge their own screw-ups and to refund their customers, it is completely unacceptable.  All the excuses they come up with and all the hoops that customers must jump through are absolutely pathetic for a company, and after 10 years+ in business, you'd think they'd learn how to properly refund a customer.  I guess getting a new CEO didn't change a thing.

Sorry you had to endure the frustration, and while many users here would shudder at the thought of ADT, wish you best of luck! (I don't think it's too late to call SS and demand a senior supervisor look into your refund, given the fact you obviously have all your emails as proof etc).

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2 y ago

Your story Sharon, is frightening.  I can totally see my interactions with Simplisafe going the same way,  I just purchased a system and had 5 instances of purchase and charge before finally getting a system actually ordered and hopefully shipped.  Then I was told some parts were back ordered and will come later.  I have spoke with at least 8 different people via email or phone calls so far. Every time I message or call, I get a different person and not all are in sync with what was discussed with previous person, so things require more discussion.  I am very tired of calling simplisafe and having to call my bank. I am starting to greatly be concerned for going with this product.  SimpliSafe, you need to clean up your act, or work will spread and you will loose your shirt.

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2 y ago

Very frustrated with quality of customer service.  They contacted me on issue; I addressed.  Received multiple emails raising same issue - after already addressed.  Called to address each one - Customer Service rep researches then apologizes and says things are taken care of and it shouldn't happen again - and yet it does.  After multiple calls tried to get a supervisor on the phone - forget it - none to be found (permanent hold or dropped phone call - never got one on the line.
Finally gave up.  Maybe that's their strategy.
Customer service sets companies apart.  
In this case in a BAD way.