Sun, Nov 7, 2021 11:40 PM

There should be a way of changing the keypad beeping volume - especially for the entry/exit delays

We use the 'home' alarm as our night alarm, and so the last person to go to bed turns it on. The beeping for the 30 seconds delay can be a bit loud for a light sleeper.

Is it possible to adjust this in any way?



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Il y a 9 m

@kk90 while there is no way to lower the keypad volume, there is an easy way to stop the countdown. Just change the arming delay to 0.

For our set up, we have away at 45 seconds exit and 20 seconds entry.  For Home mode, it's 0 entry and 0 exit. Our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and the basement and first floor are all armed with instant alert on everything, including the entry sensors on our two garage doors (sorry, one sensor, the kitchen entry door from the garage, is the only one not on instant. A keypad in our master bedroom makes arming a one button push and all is silent. :-)

You can also use your keyfob or phone app.  Hope this helps.