Tue, Sep 1, 2020 2:43 AM

Tmobile carrier issues with SMS alerts and phone number verification

I having issues with alerts SMS and Tmobile carrier,
not receive message at all and when I go to settings, alerts, always ask me for verification
phone number, they send a code and then still not receiving alerts messages and phone number
looks unverified again. I call Tmobile and they told me all is ok.
Please any advise o solution for this?

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2 y ago

I just swapped to T mobile and now having the same issue.  Never had this issue with AT&T.    So for me the text issue has been fixed.  After speaking with carrier and they did something on there side to enable short code and now I am receiving all texts when arm and disarm system.

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2 y ago

Hi all,

This is a known issue with Smart Alerts, that affects T-Mobile customers. Our development team continues to investigate.

In the meantime, if you have a Smart Phone, and if you have the SimpliSafe app installed, we recommend that you activate Push Notifications, through the Alerts & Notifications section. Those alerts go through the app itself, rather than your carrier's SMS, so it might be more reliable for you.

Johnny M.
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2 y ago

Another month past and no updates?