Sat, Nov 21, 2020 1:36 AM

Trigger Silent Alarm Notifications During Specified Times

Coming from ATT Digital Life, a great feature was to specify a time range for Alerts to trigger. Example: I want a silent alarm to trigger and send me an sms message when there's motion in my garage or when the front door opens between 12 midnight and 6 am only. Outside of those hours, I don't want an sms message sent to me as people are active around the house.  Seems easy to check for a time range before sending a push or sms message.

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2 y ago

That option does not exist on SS systems.

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2 y ago

You can accomplish something similar if you set the system to be armed in the "Home Mode" before going to bed and disarming when you get up.  It's not automatic, but allows you to get silent (or not so silent if you choose) alerts from any of your intrusion sensors.  I guess another downside would be if you wanted to use your "Home Mode" during both the day and night but wanted different behavior at night than during the day.