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Thu, Jun 18, 2020 11:03 PM

TV commercials

Geez, SS....... a stupid guy in a full coverage black ski mask harping on how great the system is???   C'mon.   Have a bit more class than that.    You guys have a great security system, but a lousy advertising campaign.    

Be a bit more professional in your presentation of your products.



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2 y ago

I dont get it, so far everyone has been loving the new commercials and so does my youngest son who is addicted to watching them on YouTube and i think they have been the best so far, come on its just a commercial. It must be working as well because not only are people liking them they are buying it.



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2 y ago

@Lance843  I'm with you. After the trash from the super bowl (Fearless blah, blah blah) Robbert is a breath of fresh air.  I think premise of the commercials are a stroke of genius and look forward to more.