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Mon, Feb 28, 2022 12:34 PM

UK Customers getting a raw deal

I purchased and set up my system over the weekend. From everything I could find, the "basic" / "unmonitored" plan would allow me to use the system for exactly my needs, so all good. Except, no. For UK customers, any basic app functionality and system configuration is locked behind a £20 p/m plan, making the whole thing completely useless otherwise!

Thankfully, I'm still in my return window, but this has been a real pain.

Is there a *good* reason we're getting shafted?

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5 m ago

Hi all, Natalie from the UK team here. Thanks for your feedback regarding the UK app, we do take all feedback onboard and have passed this onto the relevant team. 


In terms of how it works without a professional monitoring plan, SimpliSafe works as a traditional alarm system. However, you will still receive a notification when the cameras detect motion and you can also watch live via the cameras 24/7. Apologies we don't have any further detail to share on how the UK plans may change in the future, but if and when we have any updates we'll be sure to let you know. Thanks, Natalie

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@Natalie90​ hi Natalie, I really appreciate the response. The main issues I had without paying the subscription were: lacking the ability to customise whether a sensor would trigger when armed in home/away mode (which stops me being able to set an upstairs zone to have the alarm active at night; and the push notifications to know the sensors have triggered. Given the cost of the system, this functionality is really not a huge deal, but not really worth the premium monthly cost.

If the basic app functionality was available to us in the UK, I'd be more comfortable recommending the system to people here; the set up was really great. It's just unfortunate that I got caught off guard with the premium plans.