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Wed, Sep 23, 2020 12:13 AM

Unlocking front door from front door camera


I think it would be great to get notifications when someone is at your door, view the live feed via the app from your front door, then decide to unlock the door for your guest all in less than three seconds.

Also, Please speed up the app launch and video stream. RedisLabs might be able to help.

Thank you for an easy great product.

Il y a 2 m

Have you heard  any replies?  How much are the cameras  you paste on the  door outside.  ITS  an apartment and not  ready  for people to put an installed camera. 

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Il y a 2 m

Hi @writer18652012 ,

We have three models of cameras right now:

  • The Video Doorbell Pro needs to plug into an existing wired doorbell system
  • The Outdoor Camera has a magnetic mount that needs to be screwed into a surface
  • The SimpliCam has an included stand, but doesn't have wall mounting

So I'm not sure if we fit what you're asking for here, at least out of the box.

As for the original post, it sounds like they're mostly asking for faster response time from our cameras. Which is definitely an ongoing priority for our engineering team.