Fri, Jun 19, 2020 5:08 PM

Very Satisfied Customer (and a couple suggestions)

I've had Simplisafe for about 2 years now.  I've had nothing but positive experiences with them.  Once when my base station quit working, they sent me a new one on their dime within a day & paid return shipping on the old unit.  

I recently moved to temporary housing while buying & getting a new home ready.  They readily agreed to pausing my monitoring service, and even gave me a discount on my first few months when I turned the monitoring back on.  Installation of the entire system (sensors, cams, doorbell, lock, etc) has been ridiculously easy.  I added the new (to me) lock last week, and it really could not have been easier to install.  They even include a piece of tape for you to place over one side of the lock to keep it from falling out while you work on the other side of the lock!  I really couldn't believe how easy they made it.

At my new place, I've got a metal shop next to the house, and was hoping the sensors would work since they're at least 30' away from the base station, and inside a metal building.  They connected with no problem first try.

I've yet to have to change the batteries on my keypad, and only a couple of sensor batteries have been replaced.  The cameras really put out a good picture, the two-way audio is adequate.

1.  Don't ask me to confirm if I want to arm the system when I just told Alexa to have it armed.
2.  Make the cams viewable on Amazon's Echo Show.
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