Mon, Feb 3, 2020 5:56 PM


I've been using Simplisafe since 2016, and all has been very good, except one time the login page re-routed the page to WebApp.  Using WebApp, the keypad mulfunctioned and the base station made strange announcements about devices not working properly.  I called for help and someone from the Boston office named Autumn helped me and said should not login from WebApp.  The problem was solved for quite sometime.  Last Monday, 1/27/2020, the Login page re-routed to WebApp again, I called for help and emailed the issue to Simplisafe and asked for the WebApp be removed.  Today, I tried to login again and the WebApp is still there.  I am afraid to login because it requires an email verification by sending a Code to my email to confirm my account; but using a code for verification is a long past thing, even the public radio advised consumers not to use a code for verification because it can be intercepted by a third party and breaking in a system.  What to do?
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