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Fri, Mar 4, 2022 1:59 AM


Why are these cameras so wildly unreliable?

I researched a lot of companies before settling on SimpliSafe. Ultimately, I'll say that I chose SimpliSafe because the price was right; I was shopping on a budget. The problem, of course, is that shopping on a budget means that you often get budget products.

My cameras are constantly disconnecting from my system, to the point that I have every confidence that if there WERE some incident at my house, I would have no footage to provide authorities. I just don't have any confidence in the system's connectivity, at all. I'm paying for monitoring, and I don't even activate my system, because I've now unreasonably convinced myself that this unreliable system is going to trip over nothing, and I'm going to have an unwarranted law enforcement situation on my hands.

SimpliSafe will suggest that it's got something to do with the cameras' proximity to the base station or the base station's proximity to the router. Except... My house is 940 sq ft. It's about 50 ft at its widest points. The way the rooms are structured, none of my SimpliSafe products are more than 20ft apart, and separated by at most 2 walls. If the antennae in these cheap products are too weak for THAT setup, I'd suggest the company stop making wifi-enabled products, altogether.

I'm currently trying to re-setup one of my cameras, which mysteriously disabled and reset itself. I'm literally sitting about 24" from the router, in the same room with both the router and base station, and the camera can't connect to wifi.

That has been the gist of my entire experience with SimpliSafe. Customer service's solution to the janky camera problem?

Send me a free janky camera.

Thanks, SimpliSafe for making me and my household feel so... Safe. 

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Why are these cameras so wildly unreliable?

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