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Why I Am Returning So Many of My Outdoor Cameras?

Today, I will return the third (of six purchased) of my less than two month old outdoor cameras. Two have already been replaced. This one has the same problem - a fully charged battery shows around 80% capacity when first inserted, and then the battery drains within hours. When various spares or other batteries were interchanged in this camera, it would not function. I removed the camera from the system, tried to reinstall it. Get a chime, but no light indicating it is in set-up mode. The tech guys are stumped on this (and the other two). Appreciate Simplisafe sending me replacements, but I'm experiencing buyer's remorse. Also, when we had an alarm today and the cameras were supposed to kick in, two did. Three did not. Simplisafe, we are all used to your marvelous indoor system. What have you done to us?



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@ricsorbo Six outdoor cameras are a lot of outdoor cameras. Do you have any other cameras (doorbell, Simplicams?)  Has anyone from SS support discussed what is the signal strength and speed of your WIFI connections to the cameras? The reason I ask if that this can have a direct impact on your batteries.  I have 75 down and 20 up, with Google WIFI. That is with 3 simplicams, one doorbell cam and two outdoor cams.  When I put in the 2nd outdoor cam I had to install a 3rd WIFI point (one base router) to get a strong enough signal.  Also with 2 4K TV's, there are times I am near a full pipe. Unfortunately, there is still no Connectivity Check Tool for the Outdoor cameras (hint hint SS, get it in the app asap please) as there is for the doorbell cam and simplicams but Ookla's Speed test app with your phone is somewhat useful. As for the "tech guys are stumped" SS support needs to step up and get this figured out, especially if you are willing to invest the time to troubleshoot.

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Hi @ricsorbo ,

The first issue that you call out, regarding battery drain, sounds like a known issue that was resolved in a recent update that rolled out a little while ago. Hopefully your current cameras are already updated, and if so, you shouldn't see that particular issue again. The incoming replacement cameras will of course already be updated to the latest version.

And @captain11 is on a good track as well with regard to the bandwidth of your internet service. We recommend 1.5-2mbps upload per device. If you have a low upload speed, you might have trouble running multiple cameras at the same time.