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Wireless indoor camera?

When  I was considering SS, I called to ask about the SimpliCam.  Specifically, I told them I didn't want a camera that had to be plugged in; didn't want cable(s) hanging out.  I was told that "SS knows their competition has a wireless (battery-powered) camera, and that SS was developing one that would be out in the Fall, and could be added to my SS system later".  That promise was a major factor in deciding to move forward with SS.  Now, I see a new battery-powered camera, but it is for OUTDOOR use.  Is there still a plan to release a wireless battery-powered INDOOR camera?

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Why can't you just use the outdoor cam inside?

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Uh, well, the new outdoor camera looks like it belongs outdoors.

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Hi spc8784820,

ronsec is correct. The Wireless Outdoor Camera will work just as well indoors, and any space in between!

- Johnny M.
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