Sat, Feb 1, 2020 6:10 PM

Worst Service Ever

When I purchased my SimplySafe, I was told by a representative that I would be able to access my system via smartphone free of charge, much like other systems on the market. I was displeased to find that this was a lie when I installed my system. Much more, the rep took it upon himself to sign me up for the most expensive monitoring plan! Then I find out that you can UPGRADE your monitoring plan online, but cannot downgrade your plan without calling and spending HOURSSS ON HOLD! I have called multiple times to change my plan only to never have my call answered. This is the slimiest of sales techniques. I've had my system for a little under a month, and the system itself works okay, but I will be trashing this for a company with (ANY) service! My brother has ADT and has never had issues with his service. Maybe I'll try them....... I mean, its not too much to ask to appropriately staff call centers so paying customers can have their phone calls and concerns addressed in an ACCEPTABLE amount of time. It isn't much to have a healthy bottom line when you piss off your customers routinely.



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3 y ago

Um, make sure you read anything you sign with ADT very, very carefully.  Some people have found that they are locked into an expensive contract which is very difficult to get out of (have to cancel in a specific way at a specific time to avoid automatic renewal)