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Mon, Jan 3, 2022 3:02 AM

Use alarm to trigger routine

Has anyone tried to use the freeze sensor or water leak sensor to trigger an action on IFTTT or a routine in Google Assistant?

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Il y a 7 m

I have experimented with email notifications from Simplisafe to IFTTT, to trigger a Lutron lighting (off) scene when the alarm is set to away. The problem is IFTTT needs a hashtag to signify different commands or is one and done, so I've had to send the Simplisafe email to Gmail fist, then create a rule to forward to IFTTT only if the subject contains "away".



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Il y a 7 m

We have been requesting the above for many years (going on 10 for me) and so far zip. The closest I ever got was attempting to use the relatively new feature in the Amazon Echo world to hear specific sounds and then use the Routines Tool to act on it with some action.  My hope was "hear siren" then turn on my nine inside and outside lights with the siren, of course,  the Simplisafe SS3 system going off in an alarm state. Unfortunately, a crying baby, one of the sounds available, don't quite cut it. :-)