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Tue, Aug 2, 2022 7:16 PM

Doorbell camera takes too long to process

When I watch commercials for doorbell cameras, the occupant immediately sees who is at the door. However, with my Simplisafe doorbell camera, I get a message that it is processing the video and it takes up to a minute before I can see who is there. As a result, it is only useful for its history and cannot be used to screen people. 

Is there any way to fix this problem?

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4 d ago

Hi @fbreynolds_1

It sounds like there may be some latency between the Video Doorbell and your network. To start, can you open the SimpliSafe app and go to My System > Camera Settings > Select your Video Doorbell > Connection Strength > Start Connection Check > Let's Go?

Then report back here with the results of that test. That will help me determine the next best steps for troubleshooting.

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Signal Strength -57 dBm (Fair)

Upload Speed 9.05 Mbps (Good)

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@fbreynolds_1​ Thanks for that. The upload speeds are more than fine for the connection, however, the strength of it is what is a bit concerning. Generally, we'll want to see that at -55dBm or higher, and this is teetering right outside that zone. 

There are a few things you can do to improve the connection, such as adding a WiFi extender to your network. This is especially helpful if your router is further away from the Doorbell, or there are dense walls between the router and Doorbell.

It might be best to speak with our support team to troubleshoot this in real-time, as they'll be able to ask some qualifying questions that can hopefully pinpoint the root cause here. It could be something as simple as a range issue between the router and Doorbell, or there could be more complicated interference causing the delay. You can contact them by phone or chat with the details here

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3 d ago

Ugh, can anyone develop a doorbell camera that works like the commercials?  My Ring Doorbell is awful.  Sometimes people have already left by the time I get video.