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Anyone else having their orders Cancelled and given no reason?

So I have tried to get Simplisafe for 2 days now and I have literally been charged 3 TIMES!!!!! Each and every time I have been charged then an hour goes by and I am hit with the "You need to call us to process your order". So I call and I ask why is my orders being cancelled and refunded and all I get from all the customer service reps is "We can make sure that it goes through this time". ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? I tried to do some of my own troubleshooting by making sure my Shipping and Billing address was the same by calling my bank this morning to confirm the address was changed. I tried again to order and it went through and to my surprise one hour later "Your order has been cancelled and refunded". Now I'm done trying to see if the order will go through! I need a manager and/or supervisor with power to figure out the overarching problem. I'm out $1,700 and having to wait 3-5 days for a refund. THIS IS MADNESS!



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@ graphixmain Simplisafe is a great company, but obviously, doesn't do everything right. I do suggest you call, get an agent and ask for a order/billing specialist call you back tomorrow to quickly and efficiently get all of this behind you (and SS for that matter). If the agent tonight offers for assistance, I would pass and wait for that manager to call you back tomorrow.  As far as being "out" 1700, if no luck tomorrow just dispute it on your credit card..but seriously doubt it will come to that.

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Hello graphixmain,

So sorry about this. From what you've mentioned, what sounds like is happening is that your orders are getting caught in our Fraud Prevention filters - perhaps due to unexpected info in your order (which is why our reps went through double-checking your address and personal info). We get scammers all the time using stolen credit card info buy systems, so we put aggressive filters in place to stop them.

The good news is that when your order is canceled immediately due to this process, the actual charge shouldn't have been cleared on your credit card yet. So they shouldn't actually count against your total balance, and might even disappear completely.

But yes, on the main issue, we're requesting a call from our senior Specialist team to investigate. Keep an ear out for it!

- Johnny M.
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