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Thu, Feb 3, 2022 6:12 PM

Anything Improved After 5 years?

I purchased a large configuration back in 2017.  It was promoted as being able to support even the largest houses.  SSCS1-R plus more sensors.  $1000+.  It was not capable of expanding to my needs in a 2800 square foot home.  I found it unusable after a few months, turned it off, and it's sitting in the garage gathering dust ever since.  It's time to send it to the dumpster.  Problem?  First, it hit the limit on sensors.  Second false alarms.  Third and the worst was the inability to quickly determine which sensor was the problem since they were just numbers on the keypad.  I had to create a text document to cross reference the room/sensor to the number.

Has anything changed, especially with problem 3?  Can it announce the location of the alarm?  No way I want to deal with a piece of paper when someone is entering the house.  Makes a difference knowing the intruder is downstairs and I'm upstairs.  

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Hi azhome5307,


Sounds like you just missed the release of Gen 3, which we unveiled way back in January 2018. I think you'll find that we've made improvements across the board!

To start off with, every component has been redesigned from the ground up with a significantly improved method of wireless communication - now way more secure, and with double the range as the last gen! The Base Station can now connect with Monitoring via both its own built-in cellular connection, and your home's WiFi - enabling App features like remote arm/disarm, 7 days of Timeline events, and Push Notifications at no extra cost. The system can even receive firmware updates, so we can keep adding fixes and new features over time.


There are also improvements that directly address those issues you've had trouble with previously. Like how with the Original system, we did have the ability to assign nicknames, but they only showed up in Smart Alerts, and on the app. But now, you'll see the same nicknames on the Keypad as well.


On the topic of sensors and components - the limit has been increase to 99. We've revamped the Keypad to be smarter, now including ALL settings for your system, and even included backlit keys. And not to mention that we added the Smart Lock, Wireless Outdoor Camera, and more to our lineup!


One last thing I should mention is that if you're ready to upgrade, we can offer you at least 50% off your system purchase. Give us a call at 800-548-9508 and we'll take care of you!

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There's still a limit on cameras.  We already have the limit of 10 inside.  I wanted to get a couple of outdoor cameras as a supplement to our wired system and a bit of a "back up".... but unfortunately simplisafe refuses to up their limit even though they added new product!

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Thanks.  I've decided against installing a Simplisafe system based on previous experiences.  Wasted way to many $$$ on a system that never performed as expected.