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Wed, Jan 26, 2022 5:23 AM

Does Simplisafe remind me to arm my system using geofencing?

I have a Nest Security system (who's remaining left seems limited), and I've been looking some at Simplisafe and others.  One feature I left with my Nest Security system is that once both my wife and I leave the house, we will get notification reminders to set the alarm (if it's not already set). Is this something Simplisafe has?

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Il y a 7 m

No, they don't have any geofencing capability.  They also don't have self arming, although it has been requested a lot.

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@sevensiamesecats​ thanks for the answer!

I honestly don't want self arming, self disarming is even worse.

Reasons why: self arming is an issue if both me and my wife leave the house and we have guests staying with us, it is just asking for trouble.

Self disarming sounds like a major security hole. I was able to talk with the Nest Security team some, and they always required your phone to be unlocked to send a disarm request to your system. This means someone didn't just steal your phone a d walk up to your house, they also must be able to unlock the phone (same principle applies to Google Pay's tap to pay).


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Hi jwen,


Right, we do have an Arming Reminder feature, but currently not tied to geofencing. You can set up specific times to be reminded in the app, under Menu > Arming Reminders.

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Thanks Davey!  I believe I did see this when looking at your system/site.  Our schedule is far too erratic to make good use of it.  I saw some somewhat hacky ways to do this with various home automation systems, so I think I could make it work with that. :)

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Sure. And a reminder doesn't necessarily need to be connected to the SimpliSafe app. So maybe you can just set up geofencing with IFTTT or similar.

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Il y a 5 m

time of day is useless.  we, too, have very erratic schedules.  geofencing would be more useful so that if we drove away without arming we would get the reminder and thus be able to arm the system!

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Il y a 1 m

Is there to find out if this feature is in or will be in development? And if not how can we request this feature?