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Is this how all customers are treated or just a new one trying to get my system?!

I placed an order on October 4th in the evening and utilized a promo-code for a discount plus a "free indoor camera" and received an order number. I logged into my phone with the app and filled out all the pre-work questions so my system will be ready to go out of the box. I even had a fedex tracking number. Upon review of my order I realized I did not have the "free camera" included in my order so I followed up by email. I got a boilerplate "you have to call customer service" response almost immediately. I figured I'd wait until my order arrived and would follow up then in-case I had any other issues. Flash forward a few more days and the tracking still shows "pending" as FedEx doesnt have my order. I decided to call customer service and spent over an hour on the phone to find out, for some reason, I had a balance owed of $0.07 on my account and that was holding up my order.....seriously? I paid by credit card and certainly did not have any way to underpay my balance AND nobody reached out to me saying I owed anything.....oh, and then the rep had me wait on hold for like 20 minutes so he could look into why my promo code of "NEW40CAM" did not get me a camera in my order. Eventually, he asked me for my phone number and said he would call me back. Well, I'm still waiting for that call a few days later and still don't have anything from my order. I was charged that $0.07 though. I originally replied, again, to the customer service email and was basically told to call the number again. I'm not spending any more time on the phone for an issue that is clearly, entirely, on the SimpliSafe side. I am NOT impressed and frankly wondering why I should trust this company with my security if I cant even successfully get them to accept my money to ship me the product. At this point I'm posting here hoping someone will actually do something (and you know, follow through?) before I go to my credit card company to request a chargeback.

I think the sad thing is that if I had bought the system through a big box store or online retailer (not direct) I probably would have had my system much earlier without any issues.

Anyone able to help look into this? Or should I just wait on that phone call that clearly isnt coming? (Oh, and I wasnt given a case or ticket # so I have no idea how to even reference that call if I did decide to call anyone today)



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@Alexanderjstpet... I am a customer of 9+ years and SS will make this up to you ie free monitoring or something else but yes, you do have to get the system first.

Now that you posted here I am sure someone from SS will reach out to you tomorrow to straighten this out.

Simplisafe is a great company and worthy of your trust with the SS3 system and their excellent monitoring.

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Hi Alexanderjstpet...,

Really sorry to hear about this experience that so far has been well below our standards. My first guess is that our system may have accidentally miscalculated the amount of your state's sales tax.

I do see, looking into your account, that we may have already been in touch with our Support team to get your order back on track. But we've got a Specialist looking into this as well to make sure there are no further hiccups!

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security
Hi Johnny,

Ultimately, whatever the issue was it's extremely disappointing that I had to call in and spend such a significant amount of time just to address that issue. I had no idea there was something wrong and that it was preventing my order from moving forward. Someone should have reached out to me proactively so it could be addressed, or frankly, adjusted the order for the error on your side because I cant imagine anyone's time is worth the $0.07 balance...

Next, I did receive an update stating my order had shipped late last night. I was told, again when I was on the phone with the rep, that the order would be shipped out as fast as possible given I ordered back on the 4th of this month. My order is stated to deliver on the 16th...while I understand that, especially now, shipping and logistics are causing a lot of challenges to everyone, this does not appear to be expedited at all.

Next, I have never received any kind of confirmation as to what happened with the "Free camera" that was supposed to be included with the promo-code. Frankly, I'm done spending any time trying to get it. I never wanted, or expected one, until I used the promo-code which literally includes the word "CAM" in it. When I brought it up on the phone I was treated like I was trying to get something I was not supposed to have.

This has been entirely disappointing and, at times, it has felt that SimpliSafe is trying to lose my business rather than gain it. Everything I've had to do, including coming to these forums, which look and operate like something out of the late 90's, has been extremely challenging and has yet to really demonstrate a reality where what I've been told (or paid for!) comes true or is in my hands.

Finally, I just want to say that I sincerely do appreciate you (Johnny) responding to my post. I understand that customer service tends to be largely thankless and is almost entirely a job where you clean up the mess someone or something else made.