Sat, Jan 25, 2020 7:13 PM

Mobile Features Held for Ransom

Dear SimpliSafe. I was very disappointed to learn that purchasing the hardware alone does not allow access to the mobile features. Your ads and info told me that "no monthly plan was needed to use the system. This is why I purchased your system. HOWEVER, I now know that you are holding the mobile features for ransom with a $24.99 fee to use these features. Without the mobile features, all I have is a loud siren. Unlock the features for ALL SimpliSafe customers.

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First, SimpliSafe is not currently active on the forums and won't response.

Second, there is no monthly fee to use the system.  Per the Simplisafe site, you can protect one door/room and pay no monthly fee.  There is no claim that mobile features are free.



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You think you deserve a cellular hookup for free?  What makes you so special?

If they were to provide you mobile features for free, they would have to charge me more for professional monitoring (you know, what they were designed to provide) and I object to you spending my money for your benefit.

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They could have provided a Wi-Fi connect option and reserved the cell for customers with monitoring, allowing the user to configure SMTP to provide email notifications without needing anything from SimpliSafe.

ADT is coming out with a DIY system so there may be better options coming.