Fri, Jan 3, 2020 3:20 AM

No one answers the phone

I need someone to contact me regarding an order I placed December 27th. This is ridiculous and I don't even feel comfortable about this system anymore since it doesn't seem like anyone will even answer my calls.

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3 y ago

I'm in the same position.  I have a functioning system that I really like.  But I am hesitant to keep it because when something goes wrong (and let's face it, something always goes wrong), I will not be able to get in touch with anyone about it.  I have until the end of this month and more than likely I'll be boxing it up and sending it back to them.  That is if I can ever get in touch with someone to arrange the return.

I'm told it gets better by February.  But that means that it is terrible from November through February.  That's a fully quarter of a year.  It's too much.



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3 y ago

^  it's actually been longer than that, some of the current issues and mainly, the customer support fiasco, started around June of last year.  So it's been degrading something awful since then.

Will keep saying it, because there's absolutely nothing we users on the forum can do about it - keep trying to call, try at 9 am (ET) when they open, press#1 for sales, and when you finally do reach someone, do not end the call until your issues are corrected, and you are satisfied.  If necessary, request a senior supervisor to assist.