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Could Simplisafe please tell me why simplisafe is not available in the Republic of Ireland?

I've purchased a simplisafe system. Willing to pay the monthly subscription but have been advised that simplisafe do not offer a monitoring service to the Republic of Ireland. I don't want live monitoring and emergency call outs - All I'm looking for is the app to alert me when the system is activated and which zone??

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Hey there,

That is correct. Right now we're really not able to provide service outside of our two markets - the United Kingdom and the United States. Apart from concerns about police and fire dispatch, there are a lot of other regulations that are related to alarm systems. If and when we do expand to Ireland, and the EU in general, we want to do it right!

- Johnny M.
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Thank you for your response Johnny M!

But surely you could allow some functionality with the app while you guys are waiting to acces the EU market?

I don't want monitoring - but I'd be willing to pay a subscription for access functions on the app?

Just received my 34 piece system today - re-routed through Northern Ireland. Just a shame I won't be able to make full use of the system.

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