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Thu, Sep 24, 2020 4:25 AM

Not Feeling Safe With Simplisafe

I have owned simplisafe since about 2010 and have a gen 2 system.  I pay for remote access and monitoring for an entire year in advance.  All of a sudden, yesterday they disconnect my system and service for non payment. Called and they claim that it was an error on their part. Restored my service.  That is,  until they closed 15 minutes before midnight tonight instead of at midnight like the customer service recording says.  Now it's off again!

What happened to your business Simplisafe???

Long standing Customers Are Treated Like Trash. You have my money, now where is my A1 service???

Definitely not feeling safe with Simplisafe.

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2 y ago

Hi @garyjnj1,

While we do stop accepting new calls at 11:45 PM ET so as to make sure that most of our representatives are able to leave at the end of their shift, we want to make sure to give our customers help even when our Contact Center is closed for the evening. If you have been experiencing a "No Link to Dispatch" message from your system then it is most likely just the connection from your base station to the cellular network.

If you are unable to get through to our Support Team over the phone then we have some steps (found by clicking here) that you can try first to alleviate any issues on your own.

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