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Order is not shipping, customer service says they can't do anything - AVOID THIS COMPANY!

I ordered a new system, got a tracking number which has been stale for days now. Customer service took 30 minutes to find out that it is "FedEx's fault, and they can't do anything about it". Request for a supervisor has been ignored, they just kept me waiting on the line.
And this is a company that I should trust with the security of my family & house??? Good luck... Chargeback with CC company will be next step.



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Well, in their defense they don't control when FedEx picks up the shipment or what happens with it after that.  I have done transactions online with other companies many times and seen where a shipping label is created and the item is waiting to be picked up by the shipping company.  Not the seller's fault.  What likely happened is that SS packaged your order and was able to print the shipping label (with tracking number).  They have your order sitting there ready to go- just waiting for FedEx.  Now, it's possible there are other factors that contribute to the delay but we may never know.  But they can't exactly go out and drag a FedEx truck to their shipping location and make them take packages.  Sorry for your bad experience, but I am a long time customer of SS and have been happy with my equipment (SS2) and service.  I hope they can get this figured out for you.

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Hi Roger,

Sorry about the delay. Clearly something went wrong during the transfer to our shipping partner. It's possible that it was just mis-scanned, and might have turned up in the tracking again. But it's been several days now with no update. I've requested a callback from our Specialist team so we can get you a duplicate package with expedited shipping.

- Johnny M.
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