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Bought expensive package few days ago, was assured if we paid extra for faster shipping it would get here by the 16th. Now says the 21st so it needs to go to new address. When I try to get them to do it on the phone I get put on hold for 20 minutes then get hung up on. We want the address changed immediately & a refund of the "faster" shipping charge.

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Get them on the phone and they'll likely address your shipping cost.  As far as it taking longer welcome to the new world.  Even Amazon can't get my stuff shipped to me in less than a week.

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I think the point of their exasperation was that they purchased from a supposedly professional security company and believed what they were told.  Now that the company got their money and it didn't happen, they TRIED the phone and got hung up on.  Evidently they did not get a call back either.  Based on other posts it has been going on since at least last fall.  It should not be the customer's problem if a company cannot provide a stable system of communication.  I'm not convinced that is the case though.  I think a lot of their CS Reps don't want to do anything, don't want to listen to your problem anymore, don't know what to do and have no authority to do anything of substance and so they get rid of you.  It's happened to me too.  Maybe all these calls are not "innocently" dropped as some try to say.

Your reply to them was kind of dismissive.  Have you encountered so many instances of Simplisafe's poor customer service that it is all you have come to expect?  These are new customers who had higher expectations.

With that said...

Hi SmidgeSherm,

I can share with you a few things I have learned (and I'm still learning). Most of this is my own personal experience.

-You may be greatly disappointed with the level of "Customer Service" you will receive.  My results have been poor through phone and e-mail.  They give you no other options.  All I'm trying to do is get my money back after returning my system (the Hassle Free 60 day in-home 100% Satisfaction Guarantee).  Several agents confirmed they can see I returned my system 11 weeks ago, yet they have still not processed my check.  A Supervisor, Carmen x606, even "made herself a note" and assured me 3 weeks ago she would personally make sure the check went through that Friday.  Now another Supervisor tells the CS Rep to tell me it is not processed.

-You can't talk to a Supervisor directly.  They call you back at their leisure.  You will not know when, or if.  If you don't answer, you have lost your chance. If you try a call back, it goes to the main number and you will get whatever random CS Rep picks up the call.  Back to Square One.

-They will blindly look up the contact info provided by your method of payment.  In my case that was my husband's phone number and e-mail associated with PayPal.  There is NO WAY for me to go into my SimpliSafe account and change it myself.  Maybe I could if I had a monitored PAID system???  Even though I have told them 2 or 3 times to use a different phone number, CS will come back from "Hold" and proudly announce "I sent a message to a Supervisor to call you".  I ask what number they gave them and they tell me the old number.  Then they fumble around and don't know what to do because the message is sent...

-Don't believe that what they tell you will actually happen.  But you might get lucky.  Obviously, Supv. Carmen x606 didn't follow up and now I can't follow up with her.  After almost an hour on the phone Monday, a Supervisor was supposed to contact me 3 days ago.  Never happened.  Maybe they called the other number, left no message and checked me off the list (there were no messages at that number).

-When your system arrives and if you're lucky enough to get all your parts, DON'T PUT OFF Setting it up.  You might get busy with the move, but it is in your best interest to not waste time getting set up and working properly.  A lot of "fine print" cannot be found on their website.  You will find it out later when you can't do what you thought you would be able to.  YOU DON'T GET TO USE IT FOR 60 DAYS.  Yeah, I know what the website says...but they start counting as soon as you ORDER.  If you don't receive everything, see if you can get an extension of the return period "In Writing" by e-mail.  You have to be able to test the whole system and you have to have it in writing or you will be SOL.  Don't rely on the CS Rep to record it for you.

IF YOU GET FED UP to the point of wanting to return it, make sure to:

-Try requesting your RMA label from phone option "Sales" plenty of time in advance of the 60 days from when you ORDERED (or the date for your written extension)

-Ask them to email it to you while you're still on the phone and print it right away because the link will expire.  They don't tell you that.  Found out the hard way.

-Another thing they don't tell you:  Don't rely on the Fed-Ex or USPS websites to track your package.  They use a Return Service and their label didn't come up on those websites.  I had to go to the place I mailed from.  They have a better system.  Get a full printout.  You will need it.  Maybe this is how they try to deny receiving your return??

-If they don't receive "And Process" your return within 60 days of purchase, they won't reverse the charges and you will have to wait for them to "have their bank" process a check and mail it to you.  Even if you have proof of delivery, if they don't "Process" your return, you get no money.  You will be at their mercy until they feel like doing it.  I know their return policy in FAQ says you will have your money returned to your account in 3-5 business days, but this is what they really do.  I've been told I would get a check in 1-5 days and I've been told 1-3 weeks.  The truth is, CS Reps and Supervisors have no idea when you will receive it.  They've had my return for 11 weeks and still no refund.  Sounds like a CASH FLOW PROBLEM to me.  That's why my name is now "The Bank"

-Since it sounds like you are moving, EMPHASIZE that your contact details need to be changed.  Then hope they don't send your check to the old address associated with your original payment.  Even if you tell them, they may still send it there.

-You may have to go through BBB to get them to take care of you.  That's my next step.  Check out how they treat people.  You might think the people (and me) sound crazy, but let me tell you, it's SimplyExasperation.  You have only experienced the tip of the iceberg!


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Based on other user posts it appears the call centers are working from home. The main phone switch was likely not designed to send calls to employee cell phones and the hang ups might be attributed to that.  But who knows. I ordered some masks from Amazon because they claimed to be in stock, but here we are a week later and they havnt even shipped yet. I could get mad, or i could realize there are bigger problems in the world right now and just deal with the delays.  Sh!t happens.

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Wow, who said anything about getting mad and what does your Amazon order have to do with this?  They asked to get the address changed before the package shipped and got put on hold for 20 minutes then disconnected.  Seems like it should be a simple request, but I'll bet the CS Rep. didn't know what to do (details below).

I thought it was pretty clear that Simplisafe's dropped calls and poor service was a problem before they worked from home.  That has now become a convenient excuse for everything.

If you're going to minimize someone's concerns/problem by saying sh!t happens and just deal with it, you should take a break from replying for a while.

To SmidgeSherm,

I learned tonight that if you don't have a paid system activated it takes an upper level person to get your contact info changed.  Don't know why.  They just can't do it.  I placed my call this time later in the evening to 888-910-1215.  I think I got through to a good CS Rep. Andrew M. who messaged such a person while I waited.  I'm not holding my breath, but I may have finally gotten connected with someone willing to and capable of handling the problems with getting my refund.

Another thing I learned was that if you don't call from the number they have on file, your call and who you spoke with will not be noted in your file unless the Rep makes a special effort to document it.  Of all the different CS Reps I spoke with who accessed my file by typing in my email address, I was told there were only two entries from one Superb Rep. (Christy H) back in January.  That blows my mind.

I hope you can work something out and I hope my experiences will save you from some of the same.

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OP will never likely respond again. Anyone who hangs out here knows that 99% of these post are drive bys.  I personally question how many of them are even actual customers.  My point, which obviously went over your head since I need to explain it, was that if the almighty Amazon cannot provide fast shipping during a health crisis what makes anyone think these smaller companies can?  Expectations need to be adjusted and if the average human had any compassion what so ever for others they might understand this.

"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.'

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@SmidgeSherm, you need to call FEDEX asap before it's delivered, because you being the receiver you have the authority to adjust where and how you receive the package. FEDEX can at least re-route it to a FEDEX location close to you if not deliver to your new address.