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Product Delivery

Anyone else having problems getting their complete order delivered?  I got a partial order (although my credit card was charged in full).  When I called to ask when to expect the balance of the equipment, the answer at first was "not sure, depends", and then when I pressed a bit more the answer turned to "we actually do now have those parts in stock - they will ship tomorrow to you".  That was more than 2 weeks ago.  Interested if this is very unusual or more like a common shared experience...??



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It's a common shared experience -  they have been doing this for several months -  holding orders due to one or more components out-of-stock and not informing the customer -  not shipping until someone gets around to it (some have waited weeks) -  shipping orders with components missing -  not notifying customers when components are in stock and shipping them -  telling customers they will ship their component(s) and customer never gets a tracking number or the component -  and the most awful phone support ever so that customers cannot reach SS to inquire and fix SS's ordering/shipping screwups.

All we can really advise is to keep calling them - try calling at 9 am (ET) when they first open, pressing #1 for sales for hopefully a quicker response, and asking for a senior supervisor to get your missing components shipped TODAY, 2-day air, at their expense, and request free monitoring for your inconvenience.  Unfortunately, you have to stay on top of them!

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Wow, I wish I had read this thread before ordering from Simplisafe. I think their product is very good but their delivery and customer service is terrible. How do they stay in business? We have used SimpliSafe products in three homes for a number of years...but always purchased from BestBuy or Amazon.

The full system I ordered on December 30 took over a week to get to my house in 59 miles away from the shipping point.
The second order I placed on January 14 has still not arrived and is due in tomorrow (Jan 21). From Charleston MA to my home.
The last order I placed on January 17 STILL HAS NOT LEFT THE SHIPPING location!

Other companies have realized the importance of swift delivery. I just want to let you know that it isn't a good thing to take this long to ship.

How many times have I watched the delivery go from Charleston, MA to Middletown, CT to get to me to my home? Someone needs to get a new shipping company.

Of course, the last time I wrote about this to you directly several weeks ago, no one bothered to respond. Not a good way to handle customer service either!

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I ordered 3 new cameras and an outdoor kit. I received an email pretty quickly telling me that he outdoor kit was not in stock and it would be shipped separate at latter date. I emailed them twice about that and I must admit someone responded very quickly! I also received my cameras very quickly, I think it was about 3 days. Other than not getting the outdoor kit, I am very satisfied! Just hope the outdoor kit does not take to long.