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Purchase and shipping

Feedback to management:  I placed a couple of recent orders for equipment for a new house.  After the phone rep billed my card for a few hundred dollars it was, "OK thank you".  "Anything else?"  I asked, "Will I receive a confirmation email of my purchase and tracking information?"  He replies, "I can send you an invoice?"

Then, after several days, a package is dropped off at my doorstep.  No confirmation of purchase, no tracking, no delivery notification.  This is unacceptable, and I would think a forward-thinking company like Simplisafe would have this implemented years ago.



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In the age of instant updates via text, email, push notices, etc. it's very strange to think of receiving a product you ordered before receiving confirmation of your order or that your order shipped. Definitely room for improvement here, especially for people who might want to look out for a purchase with hundreds of dollars on their doorstep.

Can I ask why did you order via phone and not online? This is in NO WAY meant to be a criticism or to imply that had you ordered online it would have turned out different. I'm just curious to hear why you decided to use the phone instead of the online shop?

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Hi Chaserx,

That is very odd indeed. The representative should have informed you that a purchase confirmation is sent immediately after the charge. AND you should have received a second email when the order shipped, with tracking info for your order when it ships. So even if you had not received the second email yet, you should definitely have gotten the first.

It might be a good idea to give us another call at 800-548-9508 just to double-check that we have the right email address for you!

- Johnny M.
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