Thu, Feb 20, 2020 6:59 PM


Worst company ever. They sent me a replacement base because they no longer use tmobile and the tmobile sim needs to be replaced with a Verizon sim. You guessed it, tmobile sim in the replacement. These idiots are supposedly keeping my family safe. I've emailed and have gotten nowhere.



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@davidpfraser, who told you Simplisafe has stopped using TMobile. I believe that is not accurate you and suggest you call SS support and ask for a supervisor.

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Like Captain said... call and ask for a supervisor.

I talked to support the other day and the support guy scared me to death by saying that my SS3 doesn't have cellular backup and that if my WiFi is down, then I was SOL :(

He even recommended that I use my hotspot rather than my WiFi if I was concerned about my WiFi going down... WTF YIKES!

I questioned him many times before he told me that he misread the Simplisafe handbook and that cellular is part of my SS3. Phew!!!

So if in doubt, call and ask for supervisor :)


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When I recently ordered a SS 3 they asked which SIM I wanted T mobile or Verizon.

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I just ordered mine online (it hasn't even arrived yet), and nobody ever asked me which one I wanted.

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SimpliSafe has been replacing the cellular part in the base stations probably because T-mobile and Verizon are going to stop supporting 2G technology soon...according to Google "T-Mobile 2G shutdown date: 31.12. 2020".   I did not publicly find any official dates for when Verizon will stop supporting 2G; so far they have been continuing the support to give more time for people to switch to 4G cellular.