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Simplisafe smart lock pin pad battery life.

The websites states that the Simplisafe smart lock battery life is 8-12 months. It does not state how long the battery life of the pinpad is or what type of batteries are used. Does anyone know the battery life of the pin pad?

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2 y ago

In case anyone else was wondering:

I msged support and received this helpful response.

"... The pin pad uses a 3-volt battery and has a life span of 2-3 years."

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2 y ago

How do you open the battery compartment on the  pin pad?

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The battery compartment is under the big plastic section at the top. You just want to slide the whole panel up!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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2 y ago

The pin pad has a hole at the bottom, very similar to a SIM card opening hole, and the install package includes a tool similar to a SIM opener. (I suspect you could actually substitute one.) Press that into the hole, and the main part of the pad pops off the base. The batteries are accessible then.

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2 y ago

One of my pin pads no longer lights when you approach. It lights when a button is pressed. That is a pain unless you have a light to light up the pad to see the buttons. My other lock pad lights up when you reach for the pad at night.

Waiting for a response from SS.



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It will b a long wait.  Calling them may be quicker.