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Tech support 40min hold time

My smart lock auto locked as normal me my wife and I were sitting on our front porch . Then we but our code into the pin pad as normal . The pin pad didn't recognize our code , so we went to our next option of unlocking our smart lock with our phone . We then received a notification that the lock was not being recognized and couldn't be found . We could get inside as our 3yr old took a nap . We got our emergency key from our neighbor to get inside . I called tech support and was in hood for over 30 mins each time and then the call would just hang up . I spoke to to tech members via email but they said they couldn't schedule call backs . This has encouraged  me to look elsewhere. I had my system for 7 months no issues . However this is an eye opener.This is not simple or safe .



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That is terrible.  
What is up with these "smart" locks?  There seems to be an ongoing issue with them not working after a while, given the number of complaints similar to this that keep showing up on the forum.  I could see maybe one or two that were defective, but there is a trend.

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Oh no! I'm really sorry about this whole experience, jdavis4631. But especially for the severe technical difficulties with just getting hold of our Support team. We're going to request a ticket with a senior Specialist now and we'll get you sorted.

- Johnny M.
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