Tue, Oct 27, 2020 2:40 AM

Why so difficult to give ss my money?

After a half dozen emails why can't they just answer my question? First they want me to call a sales rep.  I said no as I like to get everything figured out over email (I like things in writing).  The system I want with the current promotion of 25% off and a free camera when built online comes to $303.  I said if you can do this for $300 out the door including shipping, tax, I will call a sales associate right now and order?  I said I understand if you can't do that but please just give me an answer so I can move on to another company if you can't.  I keep getting emails back from different people and they can't answer that one simple question.  I decided to try the forum to see if anyone here knows or someone sees this from ss who can actually make a decision.



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@derrickjohnson99 speaking as a customer of 8+ years, you got your answer. Call or go to another company. Simplisafe responded. I am not saying you are right or wrong, same with SS, but at least you got an answer.

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Yep no problem and thanks for the response.  What you didn't know is one of those emails said, "No problem we understand you do not want to speak to a sales rep at this time and I will be happy to help' and went on to ask me what I wanted and I sent them the same quote asking the same question again.

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If you were to try to get Simplisafe to agree and properly process this request, you would waste more time and endure more frustration than your tax/shipping is worth.

The fact they even responded to your email is incredible. I've never gotten a response. I stopped writing them after 4 or 5 times.

They have enough problems with their normal operations. If you ask them to go off the script, abandon all hope.

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